When you’re planning just about any type of event or outing, from a family reunion to a school excursion, from a rehearsal dinner to a concert or large game, one of the vital elements in the success of this event is going to be your choice of transport –how will you get everyone where you want to be if you want to be there? There are plenty of options. More and more, however, meeting planners, professionals and regular folks are turning to charter buses as the transportation mode of choice…and with good reason. Here are some of the top reasons to choose a charter bus.

Flexibility–Your Trip Will Always Be One of a Kind

Can you imagine getting on a plane or a train and disembarking at which you can walk to your destination? How about asking the pilot or the engineer if they’ll take a little side trip so that you can take in a scenic vista? It simply won’t happen with air or train travel. But on a charter bus, you get to decide where you want to go, and your driver will take you directly to your destination. If you want to stay a bit longer or get there a bit early, it is usually not a problem. Having a reliable charter coach companies, you will ride in comfort from your point of departure to your destination, and you won’t need to think about the time and cost of catching a cab or a shuttle. Having a group of any substantial size, the cost of cab or ridesharing can take a big bite of your transportation budget.

It’s virtually impossible, unless you are traveling a short distance, to avoid air or train travel that requires that you make connections somewhere. That always raises the specter–what if your flight is delayed or canceled? Some studies show that around 40% of all daily flights, affecting nearly a million air passengers every day, don’t arrive on time, increasing the risk of a missed connection. That is never an issue with a charter bus. Your coach will be chosen and prepared exclusively for your group. You will ride on the same bus for the whole trip, so there’s never a worry about creating or missing a relationship. Your driver will know in advance how to get where you’re going, and will also have real-time access to information to deal with any traffic snarls or other challenges.

You do not need to be inordinately tall or big to find yourself feeling shoe-horned into a seat on some of the commercial airlines. On a plane, most chairs are merely 17 inches wide and there are always three to a side in economy class seating. Moreover, if you’re six feet tall, you may be banging your knees on the fold-up table on the back of the seat before you, as the seat pitch (distance from the back of your seat to the rear of the seat in front of you) is usually about 31-33 inches. On a charter bus, every seat is an aisle or window seat–no worries about cramming yourself into this center set. Additionally, even if there are 14 rows, generally the maximum on a charter bus, passengers still have about three feet of pitch with every seat.

Of course, one of the most frustrating aspects of airline travel is that, as soon as you’re in your seat, you feel like you will need an act of Congress to get up and walk down the aisle for any reason. That is never the case on a charter bus. You will never get the warning in the driver that you are about to encounter some turbulence. If you want to get up and visit friends at any time, you’re generally free to do so.

The extra space on a charter bus can also be a boon to some larger passengers on your trip. The airlines have pretty strict regulations regarding the size of passengers and might check with you with an extra seat fee should you consume too much space.

Consider all those aspects of air travel that make it such a hassle–they just aren’t a concern on a charter bus:

You can be on your device whenever you want to be–many charter buses offer the entire variety of modern technological conveniences, from Wi-Fi to USB ports, from places to plug in your MP# player to DVD players. There will not be any attendants roaming the aisles looking to see if you’re on the telephone.

You can take all the stuff you need–Well, within reason! But you won’t have to pay an extra fee to bring a bag, and you will never need to worry about losing your luggage. It’s with you all the time.

There is no waiting in the TSA line–That is because there’s absolutely no TSA line! You won’t have to remove your shoes, submit to a pat-down or worry about losing your brand new bottle of shampoo.

You won’t need to take out a second mortgage to cover lunch–Those food prices at the airport will break the bank in a hurry. Having a charter bus, you can bring your personal grub-hey, you can even bring a cooler stocked with your favorite adult beverages!

There are no hidden fees–You won’t need to pay extra for luggage and there’s no charge for headphones, access to Wifi, or some other amenities, including the toilet!